Reimagined from a past that never was...

but should have been.

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Welcome to Artistic Anachronism!

Artistic anachronism is the creative home for husband and wife artists Marcel R. Dion and Alison Sheehan-Dion. This site holds many items we 'catalogue'. To see one-of-a-kind items, please check out our gallery of photos or our Etsy shop.

This site is a portfolio of all the projects from Mars and Alison. Here you will find articles about creative projects and how to do various things, portfolio images of jewelry, furnotuure projects and art work, and links to the sites of our friends as well as a calendar of events with information on upcoming shows.

Please do consider following us on Facebook and Pinterest. We are working on developing a more interesting presence there. Pateince is advised as these old dogs are working hard to learn new tricks (social media).

And as always, if you'd like to visit with us in person - check out the show calendar to see where we will be this year!