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How to Make a Percolation Tincture

By Alison Sheehan-Dion, 2015

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It is a good idea to read through: What is Tincture and How is it Used and What is a Percolation Tincture before reading this article.

What you will need:

  • 1 - 2 Ounces of freshly dried plant material
  • 100 Proof Vodka OR Grain Alcohol and Water
  • An empty quart sized glass bottle with it's cap
  • A thick piece of dowel about 1" in circumference
  • Unbleached paper coffee filters
  • A mortar and pestle OR an electric coffee grinder
  • A scale
  • A measuring cup
  • A large, empty jar
  • A kitchen scissors
  • paper and a pen
  • Possibly a calculator
  • A percolation work sheet

Before you begin:

Using a glass cutter, cut the very bottom off the glass bottle. This can take a little practice, so save a couple of empty bottles in case the first one breaks badly. Once the bottom is cut, use a file or sand paper made for glass to smooth the cut edge.

The finished bottle should look something like this:

Image Coming Shortly

The rest of this article should be posted in the next week. My appologies for the time it has taken me to get this up on the web!

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