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Historical Reenactor's Jewelry

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Mourning Pin

A brooch with the portrait of a young man, Ant.

It is difficult to discuss Victorian jewelry without touching on jewelry specifically designed for mourning and/or remembrance of a loved one. The Grand period in particular (1861-1880), marking the death of Victoria's beloved Prince Albert, marked the beginning of Britain's 40 year mourning period. The period is particularly well known for large, black pieces of jewelry designed to be worn with the all-black ensembles of the recently bereaved.

With the growing popularity of reenacting as a hobby, and the endless interest of reenactors in the Americal Civit War, it was inevitable that jewelry from this period would become hugely collectible, and as a result more expensive. In order to try and mitigate the cost of collector's items, Artisitc Anachronism has begun researching and re-creating pieces designed to closely resemble their historical cousins.

Child Portrait

A child's portrait locket, ant.

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The Reenactor's Jewelry line is NOT intended to pass for historical/antique pieces! These pieces are intended for wear at reenactor events or with other costumes such as Steampunk or neo-Victorian or Edwardian outfits. It is not our intention to ever masquerade our work as actual antiques, and we hope no one else would do that either.

Hairwork Pin

Hairwork brooch, ant. It was very common for women to wear the actual hair of loved ones who were either alive or dead in the form of jewelry.

The images below are of some of our work, contrasted/compared to some actual historical inspiration pieces. We hope you enjoy the results of our labors!

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Queen Victorian Mourning Pin

Queen Victoria Mourning Brooch, worn after her death in 1901. Antique.

Queen Victoria

Reproduction Brooch made by us, designed to capture a similar feeling.

Antique Chatelaine

A Victorian antique chatelaine with a scissors, small notebook, small pen knife and other miniature tools.

Chatelaine 1

A chatelaine made by Artistic Anachronism, from newly made reproduction tools.

Historical Chatelaine

A historical chatelaine (museum piece), sterling silver with ruby eyes. Antique.

Modern Octopus Chatelaine

A new take on the antique: an Octopus chatelaine made with British pewter tools, inspired by the museum piece.

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