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A chatelaine in the 19th century, was a brooch worn at the waist, by women. This brooch would have a series of attachments suspended from chains, often on a theme such as sewing. Chatelaines were the height of fashion and were made from materials ranging from steel and brass to sterling silver and even gold.

We offer several lovely reproduction chatelain tools here, sold separately, made of British pewter. These lovely, high quality tools are wonderful for anyone who does any kind of needle work. We also offer several unique, complete chatelaine pins, designed as replicas of the ones worn by the ladies of the Victorian era. Please see our Etsy site for more examples of one-of-a-kind chatelaine pins.

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Rococco Chatelaine Scissors

Chatelaine Scissors

Chatelaine Magnifyer

Chatelaine Magnifyers

Chatelaine Needle Case

Chatelaine Needle Cases

Chatelaine Thimble Cage

Chatelaine Thimble Cages

Sterling Mirror

Sterling Chatelaine Pieces


Complete Chatelaines

Sewing Compendiums

Sewing Compendiums

Embroidery Scissors

Scissors for Needlework, Embroidery and Beading


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