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Scent Diffusers

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Currently, we are carrying a neat electric scent diffuser. This little plug-in allows you to pack your favorite scent and take it with you - anywhere with electricity.

We carry all these things at shows. In coming months, we plan to offer some of the candle variety with the water reservoir. We hope to also bring in some personal aroma therapy pocket inhalers, so check back! We will be putting gift sets with your choise of essential and a diffuser for the holidays in 2017 on our Etsy shop!

Scent Diffuser

The eFusion Scent Diffuser

Wonderful little unit that comes with 5 small pads. You place a few drops of essential oil on the pad, plug it in, and before you know it the entire area is flooded with the scent from the oil!


Scent Diffuser Pads

eFusion Replacement Pads

A package of 12 replacement pads for the eFusion diffuser.


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