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Essential Oil Room Sprays

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The room sprays we make are pure essential oils in water. This is the cleanest and safest way known to introduce scent without the toxic load from commercial air sprays. Use as room spray, on fabric, or even on skin!

A nice selection of scents is available at our shows and will be available on Etsy for the holidays in 2017! If your favorite scent isn't offered here, email us and we'd be happy to put one up for you for the same price.

Each spray is a 4 oz spray in a cobalt blue PET container.

Ancient Grove

The scent of a primordial forrest, deep, rich loam on the forrest floor, undertones of juniper and pine, heavy wood scents and traces of woodland flowers.



A haunting mix of rich, heavy florals with just the tiniest bit of citrus. Think Gardenias, Jasmine and Roses, and you can imagine this seductive scent!


Calm & Clear

A calming and tranquilizing mix of sweet orange and Ylang ylang essential oils with Australian Bush flower essences. Works wonders to calm and slow the over-active mind.



Oils reputed to have properties that encourage vivid dreams. Includes essential oil of rose, mugwort, wormwood and chamomile.

Coming soon!


Lush florals, soft powdery finish and undertones of exotic wood make this a classic, wearable scent.



The rich and spicy scents of Frankincense and Myrrh combine to create this balanced sc ent as old as time. Famed in antiquity and valued for their famous healing qualities, these oils make a heavy, long lasting personal fragrance.



Classic, organic Lavender essential oil and Austrain Bush flower essences in a base of pure water. Mist sheets and pillow before sleep to help drift off into blissful slumber.


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