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Organic Essential Oil Perfume Scents

Artistic anachronism sells hand-crafted, essential oil perfumes! These are lovely, clean, steam expressed essential oils.

All Artistic Anachronism essential oil perfumes are in a 1/3 oz personal roll on bottle, and sell for $20. The pure perfumes have been cut with organic jojoba oil to the correct level for wearing as personal scent. If you would like to discuss purchasing a larger quantity of one of our perfumes, or to discuss cost for an uncut volume, please email us for a quote.

This is a partial list with short descriptions. Watch for new scents to debut at shows - and watch for the perfumes on Etsy for the holidays in 2017!

We are happy to send you a sample of any of our scents with any order, free of charge. Please just add a message at checkout, requesting a sample scent and the name of the scent you'd like to receive.

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Light, ethereal, undertones of soft woods, mots of high notes with a fresh, soft finish.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10

Ancient Grove

The scent of a primordial forrest, deep, rich loam on the forrest floor, undertones of juniper and pine, heavy wood scents and traces of woodland flowers.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


A haunting mix of rich, heavy florals with just the tiniest bit of citrus. Think Gardenias, Jasmine and Roses, and you can imagine this seductive scent!

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


Light, delicte - citrus notes with delicate flowers. Not as long lasting as some other scents, but fresh and feminine.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


A fragrance that is, well, earthy. Woods, mossy scents and woodland flowers. A touch of soft rose, and a suggestion of patchouli in the finish.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


Lush florals, soft powdery finish and undertones of exotic wood make this a classic, wearable scent.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


Rich, heavy florals, musky overtones and deep wood finish. Extremely long lasting. For those who insist on being noticed!

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


The rich and spicy scents of Frankincense and Myrrh combine to create this balanced scent as old as time. Famed in antiquity and valued for their famous healing qualities, these oils make a heavy, long lasting personal fragrance.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10



1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10


Soft, lingering, light florals, smooth mid range and subtle base notes. Deceptively mild, very long lasting.

1/3 Oz Personal roll-on $10

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