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Reimagined from a past that never was...

but should have been.





Artistic anachronism offer various services at some of our shows, depending on audience and volume.

Absinthe Tasting

Marcel (Mars) loves to conduct Absinthe tasting events! We bring several high end European Absinthes, traditional Absinthe ware, sugar and authentic Victorian and Edwardian music! Mars even brings his Victorian Postcard Viewer to show a few images of cafes from La Belle Epoch during the event.

Price is typically $30 er person and includes an event booklet with resource information, some history about Absinthe and often a drink recipe or two, the tasting itself which includes trying 4 Absinthes over the course of 2 hours.

There are currently 2 Absinthe tasting events on our calendar:

Halloween in the Catskills, Oct. 15 and 16, 2017

For times and tickets, please go to the event page for the event.


If you have questions about services you have received from us in the past, please email us.

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