Pictures from our shows and events over the years. We love getting pics of costumes are the wonderful events we visit! A few odd little animations from Alison are mingled in here too. 

The Cog Railway in action! Check our our FB page or You Tube to see videos!

Our setup at the Railway to the Moon at the Cog Railway in NH. Try and attend next year - it's a blast!

Mars in our tent at the Cog Railway event on the 18th. SO much fun!

Springfield VT setup at night!

Our setup at the Springfield VT Steampunk Festival

Same cat, this time wiggling his tail. Too much time on my hands! LOL

And another gorgeous Steampunk at the Worlds Fair!

Another picture of a fabulous costume from the Steampunk Worlds Fair

Must be time for an Absinthe SOMEWHERE!

Less serious in real life!

An animation Alison did for an old web site.

Find memories of our time at the Steampunk World Fair - one of our favorite shows!

Mars and Alison mugging for the camera - trying to recreate one of those Victorian portraits of somber looking couples.

One of Marcel's "anachronisms" - a Victorian style floor lamp with a USB charging port wired in, and a brass tray added!

Mars in our vending space at the Steampunk Worlds Fair, in 2016

Setup at the Springfield Steampunk Festival in VT in 2015

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