Welcome to the Artistic Anachronism blog!

Artistic Anachronism is the artistic home for Marcel R. Dion and Alison Sheehan-Dion. Mars and Alison are into SO many things, it would take up too muc room here to list them all.

This blog is going to be our spot to explain how we do some things, like brewing beer and wine, making home-made Absinthe, blending perfume from essential oils, refurbishing old furniture, and "steampunking" found objects. You get the idea - anything we decide to try our hand at may end up as a 'how to' blog post here.

We are hoping to have an active and engaging community experience on this blog, with all our friends who practice herbalism, make art of any kind, and engage in other cool activities.

A few upcoming posts to watch for soon:  

  1. How to make flower water at home
  2. Making home-made vapor rub
  3. How to mix the perfect Absinthe in the traditional way
  4. How Mars brought back a Victorian folding chair
  5. How to use essential oils at home
  6. Recipes for using Marcel's Marvelous Mixes

Some of our posts will be from Mars, and some will be from Alison. They will always be signed, so you can tell who is who.

We look forward to sharing with you!

Mars and Alison